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Driven - Our Man in Miami - Duncan Quinn

From driven.urbandaddy.com

Dashing designer Duncan Quinn – aka DRIVEN’s own 007 – recently celebrated Art Basel in Miami with the DQ Pop-Up experience in the Design District.As usual, it was a sartorial smorgasbord aided and abetted by sinful cocktails, cool cars, fast bikes and sleek women.Feel free to mix and match your own adjectives, and read on for our man‘s report from the impact zone….

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Duncan Quinn at Art Basel 2011 - Vicki's View You Were There Gallery - Ducati.net

From photos.ducati.net

Art Basel is an international art festival that comes to Miami once a year. It attracts people from all over the globe and includes fashion, and furniture design as well. This year it also included Ducati's. Join us for a weekend where the "other half live"

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Duncan Quinn and Ducati at Art Basel, Miami 2011 | Facebook

From www.facebook.com

Art Basel Miami is the place to be for art and fashion lovers worldwide this week and Duncan Quinn, designer of  men's bespoke suits and long time Ducati lover has joined up with Ducati...

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