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Ducati 1098S - Shed X ‘Malizia’  Custom

From www.pipeburn.com

The genesis for the latest to roll out of Sydney’s Shed-X came almost a year ago, when their first build, a wicked café/street hybrid dubbed ‘Bastardo’, caught the eye of a potential buyer. The buyer had a problem, though. To free up some cash for ‘Bastardo’ he needed first to sell his mint 1098S, but in a flooded market he was getting little joy. At about this juncture we can assume the term ‘trade-in’ was uttered. And thus ‘Malizia’ was born. "As soon as I test rode the 1098S," Neil from Shed-X explains, "I knew we could do something with it to make it more enjoyable around the streets".

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Video: A $2 Million Dollar Lamborghini Reventon Roadster Races A Ducati 1098 And A Nissan GT-R!

From www.shockmansion.com

A $2 million dollar Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, a track favourite Ducati 1098, and a 580hp-tuned Nissan GT-R go head-to-head on a 4km runway with the boys at The BHP Project. Let tire squeal and battle commence.
Vicki Smith for Ducati.net:

What I like here is that they thought it was cool to race a $$$$$ dollar car against a Ducati you can buy all day for in the 10 - 12,ooo dollar range, AND that it was decent race. #KeepingTheRightCompany  

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Custom Ducati 1098 | BikeEXIF.com

From www.bikeexif.com

How do you improve on perfection? Most custom motorcycles address the shortcomings of a stock bike—be they aesthetic, propulsive or dynamic.

For more on this bike click HERE

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Dueroute.it | Ducati 1098 Flash Back by Mr Martini

From www.dueruote.it

(translated from Italian)

At the Motor Bike Expo 2012 in Verona, Nicholas Martini ,  Triumph dealer in the Venetian city of renown and creativity, was playing at home: at the fair, his booth filled with beautiful cafe racer's inspired by his ideas, from the celebrated Rolls Royce with psychedelic painting....more

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The Evolution Of The Ducati Superbikes Over Time | Bikes in the Fast Lane

From news.motorbiker.org

A lot has been written recently about the latest Ducati super motorcycle, the 1199 Panigale. From all reports and reviews, it's by far the fastest, most powerful and sleekest sports motorcycle ever to come out of the Italian manufacturer.

Ducati has always been synonymous with fast, sexy and powerful motorcycles. Since the factories started churning out the 851 back in 1988, the Ducati superbike has been a dream motorcycle, winning championships around the world.

Over time, the motorcycle evolution has been noticeable. Not only in terms of engine power, but also in styling. Below are photos of each evolution of the bike, starting with the 851 and ending with the 1199 Panigale. (Finding photos of each model, with a white background, taken from the same angel has proven to be very difficult).

The first image you'll see is an animated gif file I made, morphing each model from start to finish, showing you what the superbikes look like over time, and how they changed. This is followed by a detailed look for each model. The technical data is an amalgamation of data found on different sites and may not be 100% accurate since each model had its own evolution....(click thru for animation of the evolution and more pics of each model)

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