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Sean Ervin is surrounded by Ducatis. A 250 Diana sits under the window in his office and a poster of a 750 SS hangs over his desk. But one of his favorites is the unrestored 1962 200 Elite that resides in the living room of his home.

Ervin, 47, of Overland Park, has been a motorcycle fan since he was a teenager. His first bike was a Yamaha DT100 Enduro. At 16, he bought a Suzuki GS450 because it was “fast, fun and you could get one for $1,000.”

“My mom kept telling me motorcycles were dangerous, and that I couldn’t have one,” he said, “but I kept bringing them home.” Ervin, who has six (five are Ducatis), is still bringing them home.

Ducati is sort of like the Ferrari of motorcycles. It has a spirit born of performance and Italian swagger. Part of its visceral appeal lies in the way its mechanical bits are displayed. “All the parts are right there,” he said. “It’s like mechanical artwork.” more here: http://tomstrongman.com/1962-ducati-elite/