Ducati unveil lightweight e-Scrambler | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati | Scoop.it
Okay, so it might be more mountain bike than motorbike, but this funky ‘Fat’ e-bike, built under licence by Italwin, is still a Ducati – of sorts.
The latest in a long line of Italwin Ducati e-bikes, the chunky-wheeled Fat Scrambler, with it s 4-inch tyres should make mincemeat of the daily urban grind, its 250W / 400WH motor helping to get you off the line, and propelling you up nasty inclines with a leg-saving dose of electrickery. When the going gets easy you can employ your legs to keep up momentum. There are six different levels of power assistance, so that you can select the right amount of pedalling help for the conditions, and your lung capacity.
This may not quite be the full Scrambler package, but it borrows the paintjob and styling from the Scrambler Urban Enduro, and will probably be better down your local green-lane, or urban playground.
It’s not the only baby Scrambler we’re expecting to see this year either, with strong rumours that Ducati will unveil a...