Interview | Ducati's Dominique Cheraki. | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati |

Q Could you tell me a little bit about yourself, and your arrival at Ducati in this new role?

A Okay, let me give you a short feedback. I start with Ducati in 1998. Already a few years now. I set up the subsidiary in France, the branch in France. I was coming from the IT environment, so was a big jump. But I always - I think I got my motorcycle license, was in 1978, I would say. Yes. First motorcycle was in 1978. So.

Q What kind of motorcycle was that?

A Well, the first one was - I don't know if you have this bike here. It was a Yamaha DTMX. That at this time was the most sold, most successful bike. This was a 125cc, because we were, in France, the regulation make you able to ride a 125 starting at 16 years old, so you get my age now if you do a short calculation. And then so, I arrive in Ducati in 1998. In France, I started the subsidiary, and then in 2006, I took over some other country, and we built and created Ducati West Europe. And last year, I came here in the US, which is another big jump, because it's really ...more