Social Impact Insights: Andrea Coleman, CEO & Co-Founder of Riders for Health | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati |

Accepted stats claim that there are roughly 180,000 registered charities and about 60,000 social enterprises across the UK. Odds are that as you read this blog post, some enterprising and socially minded individual is busy registering a new charity or social enterprise. While many of these budding social entrepreneurs will boldly go where many others have gone before, due to a mix of access and time, these two groups, the novice and the experienced, don't always have the opportunity to meet and trade war stories.

That's where this blog comes in. Over the next few months, I'll talk to charity and social enterprise leaders about their experiences, lessons, and failures so that they can provide nuggets of insight that may help and, dare I say, inspire the next generation.

And I've got quite the leader for my inaugural interview. There are few social entrepreneurs as inspiring (or successful) as Andrea Coleman, CEO and Co-Founder ofRiders of Health: a social enterprise that manages and maintains health vehicles to transform health care for almost 14 million people in seven countries in Africa.

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