IndyGP Friday Night Ducati Scene, "Sprockets On Speedway | | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati |

As anybody that has attended IndyGp over the last few years knows, the Ducati scene there is significant and is proud to have been part of making that happen. This year, the Indy Desmo Owners Club has stepped up and taken on the traditional Friday night Ducati owners dinner and partnering with the town of Speedway, taken the Friday night event to an all new level. Just across from the racetrack, ”Sprockets On Speedway” takes place on Friday evening, August 17th and in partnership with the Speedway Chamber of Commerce will feature an amazing collection of motorcycles and Ferrari’s. Dawson’s on Main will be the hub of the layout, which showcases the incredible new Dallara IndyCar Factory, the Indy Racing Experience and Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. If you haven’t seen this new area of town, literally steps from the Speedway this is the night to check it out!

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