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Words and photos by Vicki Smith

It took 24 years, almost a quarter century, but in March of 2011, Jason DiSalvo became the only man besides Cook Neilson to ever stand on the top step of the podium in a Daytona Superbike race by winning the Daytona 200 on a Ducati 848 EVO. Jason, a privateer, as was Neilson, did it with great riding, perseverance and a huge dose of luck no one can deny. He also did it with two motors. And on that day, Jason DiSalvo’s Ducati became one of the two most important Ducati’s in US racing history.

The next morning, over breakfast in a small B&B 20 miles west of the Daytona Speedway winners circle a group of enthusiasts were mulling over the whole incredible story....Read the whole story here: