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Giordano Loi  "ERKY"
The thought of re-interpret an icon like the Monster tickled me for some time. At Ducati, the idea of renewing their top-selling and timeless should have cold sweat ... how do you renew without changing a comma? People who buy a Monster, want a monster! A naked bike, clean and simple in its forms, where each would exercise in style at odds with the very identity that distinguishes this model. I had no pressure of any kind, other than those dictated by my common sense, I believe should be taken into basic idea as the bike naked, simple, but avoid falling into caricature. The name "Monster Ages" for me, too squeezes the eye to marketing, I think it is more reasonable to give a different name to a son, who celebrate itself with the call to keep the substance Jr ... acquiring a new identity. This raises the project Erky.... More (many photos, original text in Italian)