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Technology: The rear rain light in MotoGP
Starting in the 2012 season, the MotoGP rules now require the use of a rear light in rainy conditions.
During the second day of testing at Jerez de la Frontera, most of the teams had the chance to test this new component, thanks to the arrival of storm which disturbed their regular testing activity.
The new rear lights consist of two powerful LED’s, red in color, which are mounted, at lest in the case of Ducati, behind the support for the rear on-board camera and above the exhaust. This forged mounting unit is completely interchangeable with the one that doesn’t feature a light, which is used in normal weather conditions.
The LED’s are powered by the bike’s battery, which is also used to power the ECU, the injection system, and the electronic dash display. Some engineers from Team Pramac have defined the incorporation of this new component as quite simple, and confirmed that it has absolutely no effect on the race performance of the bike.
The rider can activate the rear light with button placed on the handlebars, similar to that of the starter button on a street bike..