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2012 Ducati Dream Tours

Ducati is gearing-up for the new riding season with "Ducati Dream Tours," the perfect weekend escape that combines the unforgettable experience of visiting the famous Italian motorcycle Factory and Museum with the pleasure of riding a Ducati along the legendary roads that surround Bologna.

The experience starts on Friday with arrival and lunch at the Ducati Factory, before making a guided tour of the famous home and Museum of Ducati motorcycles in Borgo Panigale, Bologna.

From there, leave your luggage with tour staff, collect your pre-selected Ducati motorcycle and depart on a guided-ride through the Apennines of Emilia Romagna known as "Motor Valley". When you arrive at the incredible hotel of "Monte del Re" in Dozza, your luggage will already be there, leaving you to just check-in and relax before dinner.

The beautiful hotel, created from a classic thirteenth century monastery and famous for its regional cuisine, will become your idyllic base for the weekend and point-of-departure for Saturday's guided-ride into the mountains along roads recommended by the official Ducati test riders themselves. After stopping for lunch in the countryside, even a leisurely ride back to the hotel on your Ducati will deliver you early enough for a spot of relaxation before dinner in the friendly atmosphere of Ducati Dream Tour friends...more