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No Ducati content but too good not to share -  Hard to believe this film even exists.  These bikes raced with no brakes at well over 100mph with total loss oil systems and those who fell went home full of splinters. In 1921. 

Beverly Hills Board Track Racing (1921)
Sponsor: Indian Motocycle Company. Production Company: Unknown. Transfer Note: Digital file made from a 35mm print preserved by the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. Running Time: 6 minutes (silent, no music).

“Murderdromes”—that was the nickname given to the motordromes used in the early days of motorcycle racing. These circular wooden tracks, surfaced with two-by-fours, were modeled after the courses used for bicycle racing but with steeper banking, which enabled riders to maintain speed as they took the curves. Unfortunately, the banking—as much as 60 degrees—made for not only higher speeds but also for more deadly accidents. Because the grandstands were sometimes located above the uppermost edge of the track, even spectators were not immune to danger.