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In Las Vegas, a gamble on BMW's Kompressor and McQueen's Husky - AutoWeek

In Las Vegas, a gamble on BMW's Kompressor and McQueen's Husky - AutoWeek | Ductalk Ducati News | Scoop.it
The anonymous Japanese collector was upset. The rare BMW Kompressor Rennsport, the finest pre-/postwar machine that he had listed, wasn't going for what he wanted. Five hundred thousand dollars he wanted. Half a million bucks! And that wasn't even the value at which the motorcycle had been appraised. The catalog had said “…all the way up to $600,000.” For a motorcycle to go for six figures was stratospherically rare; the last motorcycle that had sold for that much was a 1929 Brough-Superior SS100, one of only 69 made, the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, only better. It had gone for $456,799. He must have known that. Yet his face was downturned, a mixture of ambivalence and veiled disappointment. The bids on his beloved machine were now stuck at $380,000. He expected higher. He expected the full six hundred. It'd be foolish for him to want any less.Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20130123/carnews01/130119933#ixzz2IuzdoGRW
Vicki Smith for Ducati.net's insight:
We love motorcycle auctions for the drama and spectacle. Here's a link to LOTS of photos from the three Vegas auctions last spring. Many Ducati's, some will surprise you. http://tinyurl.com/aglgrqn
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