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Switzerland: Motorcycle Riding To Be Put In The Constitution...

There is a movement going on in Switzerland to have motorcycle riding put officially in the constitution. It sounds pretty strange, but what the motorcycle groups are trying to do is make motorcycle riding a "normalized" form of transportation, guaranteed by the constitution.

The movement comes from a group of illuminated politicians, assisted by the motorcycle lobby groups.

In particular, the text which is being proposed (article 82), states the following:
That the free choice of transportation is guaranteed
That fluid, free moving, traffic is legislated. Red lights to be synchronized in all cities to make traffic fluid (green wave principle).
That motorcycle riding is encouraged as an efficient form of transportation, using up less road space. It will allow motorcycles to slowly overtake vehicles in between lanes when they are stopped, and that PTW are allowed to use bus lanes. Authorities will also make sure that there are sufficient parking spots in cities for motorcycles & scooters...more