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A recurring theme in the letters to the editor section of magazines and websites over the motorcycle is that readers want the motorcycle manufacturer to build a comfortable and affordable performance models. The fact that few consumers actually buy, such as bicycles, if they are offered from time to time, seems to make no difference to them. You wonder.

To that I say, quit yer Bitchin 'and go to your account. As the high-performance sport motorcycles A) are the second most common type of motorcycle on the road and B) that the project opportunities are usually overwritten are endless. I always wanted a fighter, a street sport has been stripped of its plastic body and kept with the style of a standard handlebars Ducati Supersport, so when I found a 2000 750SS on craigslist for (even) less $ 3000, I had to do. Law

Almost three years later, my project was completed (and, paradoxically, for sale), and how he got here, you may be interested.