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1.8 Miles!!! Less than two miles on this bike!!!

271 of 1058 total Europe, and U.S.
1 or 100 imported to United States.

This extremely rare track bike still comes with an original MSO.
This bike is untitled.

You will be the FIRST OWNER

Owned since 1998 by private collector
climate controlled storage

1998 Ducati 916 SPS with the 996 CC Motor
The Ducati 916 SPS was an Evolution of the legendary Ducati 916 and had an even punchier engine and a refined chassis. There were major updates to the Sport Production series for 1997 and the 916 SPS, still carrying the "916" title, featured a 996cc engine with new crankcases for World Superbike homologation. However there was more to the SPS than merely new crankcases and larger pistons, as 36mm inlet valves were used , together with new inlet and exhaust camshafts.The 916SPS for 1998 received not only the new graphics, but the lighter frame of the Corsa (thinner tubing and no longer constructed in AL450) and also new Showa forks to accept the revised front brake calipers.

Design of the Ducati 916 was a balance between function and form:

The single-sided swingarm was beautiful, but designed to make wheel changes faster during races

The underseat exhausts improve aerodynamic performance, and resultantly gave very clean lines.

Production Date:October of 1997

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