The Four Chef's of Charleston, Looking Badass on Their Ducati's | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati |

The Ordinary/FIG's Mike Lata, EVO's Matt McIntosh, Lana's John Ondo, Fish's Nico Romo [Photo: Jennifer Hitchcock/The Local Palate and Bon Appetit]

Above is the Holy City's ungang of Ducati-riding chefs, as presented to the world by The Local Palate and Bon Appetit. It's Mike Lata of FIG/The Ordinaryhot chefJohn Ondo of LanaNico Romo from King Street's Fishand Matt McIntosh of EVO in North Charleston, and they like to ride fast and, sometimes, together.

"The camaraderie is similar to the kitchen," McIntosh told The Local Palate. Fingers crossed they're Charleston's next reality show.