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(Translated from Italian)

The protagonist behind the scenes, with the important role of bridge between the Ducati and Phillip Morris, which enables the key sponsors of Borgo Panigale important part of being the premier class, Maurizio Arrivabene has expressed his thoughts on the season and on what is about to start.

"We remain extremely optimistic about the project shown by Ducati. We are bound and we continue our partnership with them without any problems, but rather with joy."

During the past season, Phillip Morris became the protagonist of a push to accelerate development work on the GP11, immersed in a crisis results.

"I repeat that we believe in the project since the beginning of our relationship Ducati sponsorship because it is a great value and outstanding potential. Last year there were too many issues for all materialized, with results well below expectations could clearly not a winning brand like Ducati. We intervened because of the time, from the technical point of view, from "outside" problems that can be seen from "inside" the company does not come to light. "

Regarding expectations for the season about to start, with two doors to the Sepang test, Maurizio Arrivabene expressed accurate statements.

"The rivals are favored, and we do not claim immediate victory. We remain of the view that there can be defeated in a championship at this level, the important thing is to defend the dignity and struggle. The brand is important and the pilot is of enormous talent. Wait for the second test in Malaysia to take stock of the situation. "

The risk of hitting the air in the second season is disappointing, but Maurizio Arrivabene declare their loyalty to the Ducati, emphasizing the importance of the partnership.

"Let's clear that the operation likely to bring Valentino Rossi at Ducati was founded by the Borgo Panigale right, then we have allocated the necessary budget to make it reality. The fundamental role it has played Stefano Domenicali. We are not directly related with the pilot and we want to respect the contract. The current thinking points to a start to the season in the best way to deal with then we will take stock of the situation at Mugello. "

A 2011 closed with a surplus of expenses estimated at 40-50% higher than expected, without drawing on funds appropriated by the sponsor.

"Earlier this year, we have made available the budget provided for in the contract, the rest was all a set of sacrifices from Ducati. We have adhered to the partnership, without asking anything in excess."