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Tomorrow’s Classics: 1986-1988 Ducati Paso 750.

Ducati Paso 750
Claimed power: 72hp @ 7,900rpm
Top speed: 131mph
Engine: 748cc air-cooled; SOHC L-twin; desmodromic valves
Weight: 420lb (dry)
Price then/now: $6,377/$2,000-$4,000

If you remember the 1980s, you probably remember Victor Kiam saying on TV he was so impressed with his Remington shaver, he bought the company. And that’s pretty much what Cagiva’s Claudio Castiglioni did. After using Ducati engines in its own bikes for three years, Cagiva acquired the Bologna bike maker in 1986, and the Paso was the first of a new generation of Ducatis to emerge from the partnership.

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