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Two years after the introduction of the City Pearl bicycles, product of the partnership between Ducati and Italwin, the Padua-based bicycle manufacturer brings out two new Ducati pedal-assist bikes, City King and City Queen.

The men’s model City King and the women’s version City Queen, in light alloy and with a more erect riding position typical of city bikes, are available both with traditional external gear and an innovative internal gear featuring the iTorq® system.

iTorq is a power management system that combines the pluses of widely-used speed sensor systems with the advantages of more sophisticated torque sensor systems. Boasting high sensitivity and precision, iTorq offers levels of assist that vary the thrust from moderate to extremely high to meet any need. The system avoids the on-off effect between one pedal and another; it allows the rider to pedal at the speed best suited to the circumstances. Finally, accelerations can either be gentle, progressive or strong according to preference....more