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MotoGP and World Superbike, two similar championships that have never gotten along and often crossed paths in less than amicable ways. On the one hand you have the glamor of the prototypes, and on the other the more fan friendly passion of the production based series. They each have their ardent supporters, and trying to debate which is better could take a lifetime. And while MotoGP has a decidedly Spanish flavor to it, thanks to organizers Dorna and their CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta, the production based series is decidedly more Italian, with the Flammini brothers, Maurizio and Paolo, at the reins. They were recently interviewed by Italian magazine Riders, and naturally they were asked about Valentino Rossi, they golden goose that everyone wants in their series. "I don't know if Rossi will come to WSBK, but I'm convinced we will have him in our family soon enough, in our automobile racing series," affirmed Maurizio, who is well aware of Valentino's passion for cars.

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