Video of the Summer School for Students among the Ducati Laboratory "Fisica In moto" The bridge between school and businesses

Fisica in Moto (physics on motorcycles), located at the historical Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale, is the interactive didactic physics laboratory dedicated specifically to high school students created through the collaboration of the Fondazione Ducati together and the Liceo Malpighi (Malpighi high school) in Bologna.

The purpose of the laboratory is to build a bridge between schools and businesses through the experience of science and technology museums. Specifically designed and custom-built interactive machines will be used inside the laboratory to demonstrate the principles of physics that students learn at school, as well as phsyics' relationship with a Ducati MotoGP bike. The whole course has been developed with the collaboration of the professors from Bologna's Malpighi high school and university lecturers.
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