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Pierobon, a Bologna-based brand that has been creating motorcycle frames since 1952, has released some info on its latest creation, the F042 hstreet.

Pierobon takes the same chassis technology it uses with MotoGP and World Superbike teams, and brings it to the street. Powering the F042 is Ducati 1100EVO engine, the same 95-horsewpower L-Twin found in the Monster 1100EVO.

The rest is all dreamy Italian parts, including Termignoni exhaust parts, Brembo brakes and Marchesini wheels.

Speaking of the F042 hstreet, Pierobon says: “The driving position is made more comfortable by the handlebars raised and aligned with the forks. Its natural habitat is the mountain roads where you can savor the stability and the accuracy in the curves.”

For more on Pierobon, check out the company’s website at pierobonframes.com/en/

Pierobon F042 hstreet Specs:

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