Motorcycle Project Crowd Funding. The Future Of Cool? | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati |

I received an email recently from Dorna Sports/ with an offer to “pre-order” the SBK 14 Official Mobile Game. Everything about it looks like business as usual, a completed game that is coming soon, except when you click on PRE-ORDER NOW it takes you straight to a crowd funding site called FansFlock.   Right now FansFlock has one project and one project only, the SBK 14 game, but possible project categories are Music, Film/TV shows, Celebrities, Video Games, Arts, Books & Literature, Sports & Recreation, Popular Brands, Fashion & Design and Schools.  To be honest, I would have bet good money that you could not approach Dorna with a completely unfunded project and gotten then to send an email to thousands of people for money.  So that happened.

I was also contacted by a group of college guys crowd funding a motorcycle safety project that seems to me to be what I would describe as “worthy”.  For the rest of this article click HERE