Valentino Rossi's connection with the Italian Grand Prix has never been short of emotion. From his seven consecutive race victories, through to the anguish of 2010 and the return on a Ducati machine to its spiritual home, the race has always left a huge impression on the tens of thousands who come to idolise him. Starting in 2002 the Mugello story took an added twist and tradition of a one-off helmet which was often dedicated to Italy and his fans. Never short on imagination or humour Valentino's delivered a sense of fun and an insight into his private thoughts each year. The 2012 story will be unknown to the world, as is tradition, until Valentino produces the helmet on Saturday morning but the best place to start is to look through some of his own personal favourites form years gone by.

The Mugello story continues with Aldo Drudi and Valentino sharing some of the behind the scenes work that goes into the helmets.

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