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Five Miles Tour: Springfield

Five Miles Tour: Springfield | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati | Scoop.it
Race one of the "Five Miles Tour" is now in the history books and mixed emotions are what we have have to report.  Watching Troy Bayliss come to America and take on the iconic Springfield Mile, watching him get better and better, gaining lap times and confidence on a learning curve that was nothing short of impressive was our privilege to watch.  This is a sport, a skill and a track that most racers never master and the ones that do take years to do it.  By the final qualifier I was standing on the guardrail in awe watching him ride the outside of another rider, bars almost touching thru a rough patch of track, bike bucking over the bumps and Troy hard on the gas.  It was really fun to watch and judging by his face when he pulled in at the end, a whole lot more fun to do.  
Also pretty great was watching Johnny Lewis consistently turn in times and results that make it clear the Lloyd Brothers build great Ducati race bikes. Johnny's day ended with a freak equipment failure by a non-Ducati part used by many others in the field. He took a pretty good spill and that, while obviously a part of racing, was scary for everyone that saw it, and a setback to the program in that the teams all leave directly from Springfield to head for California and the Sactomile, so no free time to fix it before next weekend. There is a backup bike and that's most likely what Johnny will race next weekend. 

Being part of this team, this program and of course the Ducati family is the kind of adventure that Ductalk and Ducati.net feel really lucky to be part of. Watching new fans discover this form of motorsport is fun as well. Flat track is likely the most respected type of motorcycle racing by the racers themselves. Riders need to be tough, and brave and skilled.  Lloyd Brothers Motorsports has two such riders. How cool is that?


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Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati
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