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Custom Ducati Full Sport By Bryan Fuller

Custom Ducati Full Sport By Bryan Fuller | Ductalk Ducati News | Scoop.it

The 1970’s Ducati Super Sport defined a new era and a new line of thinking for Ducati. A philosophy that would lead to the creation of the modern Superbike. Only around 430 to 450 have been produced and custom builder Bryan Fuller is one of many who, a few years back, fell in love with the 1974 green frame after admiring one at The Barber Motorsports Museum. He told me: “The torque and rumble is similar to a Harley but with smoothness and the ability to spin up the RRR’s! They are comfortable enough to ride all day, yet sporting enough to handle the hills or track. Hell, I even used mine to run errands! The 1971- 1974 Ducatis are for me some of the finest motorcycles ever made. They have it all: style, grace and power…” - See more at:


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Nice job Bryan, it came out great!

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