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Ducati GP14: we are approaching?

Ducati GP14: we are approaching? | Ductalk Ducati News | Scoop.it
(Translated via Google)
We are approaching ...
Finally the long awaited Sepang test 1 have arrived. First approach MotoGP, finally on track and not on the printed paper that has been with us this long winter of biological rest ...
For my part, I was expecting to see photos of ducati gp14, as a "junkie" phusher waiting for her, and my "pusher" GPone not betrayed me even quasta time.
To understand the direction taken on the version put on the track with a few tips of ING Dall'Igna, as confirmed by several interviews weeks ago, either from their ing that Ciabatti interviews that I linked in the previous articles.
But before moving on to what I managed to steal from the images found on the internet of the new version of Bolognese Factory, I wish to draw your attention to certain statements of the parties concerned and "no longer interested" the first and the second are Dall 'igna interviews rilascialte Motosprint.
Not 'matter of driveability but also in size, layaut, so even architecture, I belong to that kind of technicians who believes that architecture is the daughter of the chassis and the engine MORE
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Vicki Smith for Ducati.net's insight:

I'm a huge fan of this blog and this is one of the most interesting ones yet. You have to translate the page via Google (just right click and pick translate to English) but the forensic look at what can be seen of the changes and teams direction are very interesting. Especially the use of the Burgess quotes...

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