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Ducati Considering Racing MotoGP As Open Entries For 2014?

Ducati Considering Racing MotoGP As Open Entries For 2014? | Ductalk Ducati News | Scoop.it

After a year of evolution in MotoGP which brought them few rewards, Ducati looks set for a radical shake up for next season. Respected Italian website GPOne.com is reporting that Ducati is considering racing in MotoGP as an Open entry, instead of under the Factory option. In practice, Ducati would be free of the engine freeze in place for Factory Option teams in 2014, have 24 liters of fuel instead of 20, and twelve engines per season instead of just five. In addition, they have more freedom to test with factory riders Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow. In exchange, they will have to forego the freedom to develop their own software, and will run the spec Dorna-supplied software instead.

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Vicki Smith for Ducati.net's insight:

This is really interesting. And smart. With the added benefit of most certainly making Honda at least a little crazy...

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