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The Grand Australian Roadtrip : Motographing 23,000 kms on a Ducati

The Grand Australian Roadtrip : Motographing 23,000 kms on a Ducati | Ductalk Ducati News | Scoop.it

The Grand Australian Roadtrip, put very simply and honestly, is a ride celebrating the innate desire that we riders have to ride a motorcycle on open highways under a blue sky. About having that freedom to stop when we want, where we want. The feeling of opening the helmet lid to let the cool wind hit your face and the scent of the pines invigorate you. That’s what it is, this road-trip. That and because it is cool to think you are MadMax for 23,000 kms! If you dont know who that is, read here!

For Charity? No sir. I believe that charity is a personal thing; I will do good to feel good. I will not to do good to be judged as a good person by my audience. I also do not believe in casting what my underlining objective of the trip is within an altruistic cocoon. And this is not to demean the plethora of good motorcyclists who ride for charity. My best wishes to them, and Godspeed.

But then there’s much more to this road-trip beyond the basic instinct of riding and taking corners on a motorcycle. It is a personal challenge, like all my previous road-trips have been, only tougher. The challenge is to be on the road for days at end. The challenge is to find my breaking point as I ride, take photos, take videos, blog, update social media, meet the expectations of sponsors, of my audience, of friends and family, and to manage my ‘office’ back home in Delhi (the xBhp HQ), which by itself is one of its kind in India where many a motorcycling ideas, events and motives have taken birth.

I will try to produce the best photos I can, posting them regularly on the blogs of this website. And posting them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and 500px. I will also be hopefully Instagraming a bit....

For the rest of "About The Grand Australian Road Trip, click HERE

Vicki Smith for Ducati.net's insight:

We like this adventure because it's real, one guy, and a camera. And, the photos are good 

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