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Ducati: maxi scooter in 2014?

From www.insella.it

A maxi Ducati could be in the making: back in fact still circulating rumors about a mysterious scooterone that it would be developing a Ducati on accurate input of German property. The latest rumors talk about a possible presentation at the end of 2014 the "tmax bolognese", could have 80 hp twin-cylinder engine and a lot of electronics

(translated from Italian)

See more at: http://www.insella.it/news/ducati-arriva-il-maxi-scooter-nel-2014#sthash.nWOOddkw.dpuf.

Vicki Smith for Ducati.net:

I know Ducati has always said it won't build a scooter (and this article might be pure speculation) but anybody who has ridden a big maxi scooter (like a TMax or even a big Vespa) can tell you how fun and usable they are.  This is a great way to build a younger, "greener" more forward thinking customer base...

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Audi Planning to Build Scooter Compact Minivan? | autos.msn.com

From editorial.autos.msn.com

 With Audi's purchase of Italian motorcycle company Ducati in April for $1.1 billion, there just had to be something in it for the Germans.

Audi scooter, anyone?

Autocar magazine dropped by the new "Audi City" retail store in London this week and got a marketing director to go on record about the possibility of a 2-wheeled Audi. While it would be designed with Ducati's expertise, it wouldn't be a rebadge, the magazine said, but a lower-speed bike meant specifically for dense urban areas such as those in various parts of Asia. BMW, which has been building its own motorcycles for decades, is coming out with a city scooter for just that purpose.

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