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South Garage Cafè, Caggiano (Sa) Italy | Ducati 749 - Wonderful Creature

From southgaragecafe.blogspot.com

(translated from Italian)

wonderful creature
The ultimate realization and first presented to the MOTOR BIKE EXPO in Verona with the label SOUTH GARAGE MOTORCYCLES!

This is the special of our Martinez, on a 749, which until recently that powered a dome tinted and opaque black! With the last touch of the hand Pasquale really wanted a soul to dare giving more to his vintage bike:
The painting was given to our teacher usually IVAN DESIGN, whose professionalism and innate artistic talent has combined a gray triumph kendy embossed with a glossy purple, dividing the graphics with fillets and sirloins light gray and finishing the job with the logo on the codon identity and gives a distinctly retro vein to the project.
The front was completely relieved: the dome gave way to a lighthouse baites which must however be reallocated to a lower position and supported by a bottom plate with 4 bolts!...more with LOTS of great images on the above link

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