Italy vacation - Vicki's view | Day 1 | Earthquake rules, lane splitting and counterfeit cash | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati |

I am in Italy for the World Presidents Meeting and WDW and plan to take you all along with a big gallery at the end, and updates as we go.  Today was the first day, we checked in, got our bikes, and headed for the seaside.

Highlights of the day – being handed earthquake instructions when we arrived at the factory (complete with Ducati logo on the paper), running the autostrada out of paper tickets when we all tried to do the toll booth together, being given a fake 20e bill in change (apparently) at the AGIP station and then when we came back to the same station for fuel again later, having the guy that gave it to us tell us it was fake, and not let us pay with it. And lane splitting for 30 kilometers, in bumper to bumper traffic in a group of 55 bikes, in the dark, in Rimini. At 1am. All normal…….. I love it here!