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They say the Ducati Desmosedici RR is a MotoGP bike for the street. That's pretty intense.
So when the NCR M16 first appeared, I admit that I thought the Desmosedici-engined special, a bike lighter and more powerful than Stoner's actual MotoGP-championship-winning Ducati, was a little bit over the top.
Who except maybe Buzz Aldrin could harness that kind of power-to-weight ratio?

However, I was lucky enough to be shown around the Poggipolini factory and NCR workshop by Michele Poggipolini, NCR's CEO, and I've since changed my mind. The M16 isn't an over-the-top extravagance, it's really a very logical culmination of the skills and passions of two companies who've joined forces to build the fastest, lightest, most performance-focused Ducati's on the planet. So making Ducati's most powerful machine better isn't really over the top, it's just what NCR does!

In the words of Michele Poggipolini, NCR is a way of showcasing what we can do; our technology and capabilities. Considering Poggipolini's bread-and-butter is designing, developing and producing parts for Formula-1, aerospace, and the elite supercars (Bugatti Veyron included!), that makes the bikes that thunder out of the Bolognese factory very special indeed.

Here's the story:...http://wideopenmoto.blogspot.fr/2012/06/ncr-poggipolini-group-part1.html#.T8mAGtVSQ8w