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One of the most controversial custom bikes ever built is for sale.  The Roland Sands Designs Ducati Desmo Tracker, affectionately dubbed "The Dirty Desmo" by Cycle World is in need of a new home.  I comissioned this build by my bud Roland and his amazing team (Rodney, Aron, Cam, and the rest of the RSD Crew) a few years ago.  I wanted to have a one off, fully functional, piece of art that paid homage to the Ducati lineage and provenance while pushing the boundries and turning heads.  Saying that "the goal was acheived" is an understatement.  Never have I seen more people go crazy in a positive or negative way to a motorcycle project.  From high praises to literal death threats, the Desmo-Tracker garnered more attention than imagined.  From the cover of the December issue of Cycle World to (at last count) over 20 covers/major articles world wide.  Thousands of online articles, Men's magazines, etc.  This bike was a passion project that drove recognition both good and bad beyond my wildest dreams.  In the begining, the loyal Ducatista shuttered.  We were concerned that any relationship with Ducati was lost.  Upon completion of the build, a large percentage of the Duc loyalists were complimentary and Ducati asked me to loan them the Desmo-Tracker for display at a few venues.  Why would I sell this exceptional machine?  My collection has continued to evolve, I've gotten married, am starting a family, and have several new projects in the works (please don't tell my wife).  I am truly looking for a great home for a one off creation.  I will absolutely not be giving her away which is why I reserve the right to pull the eBay listing at any time for any reason.  I have ridden the Desmo Tracker aprox 500 miles.  She runs great and fires immediately.  The bike has obviously been kept in a temperature controlled secured enviornment since I received it back from its press tour.  None of the take off parts are being offered with the bike as I have other Desmo's.  The bike started its life as number 568/1500.