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This is what happens when you take a Ducati Desmosedici RR's clothes off...

The Ducati Desmosedici RR is the most desirable series production motorcycle ever made. Full stop. No other bike has so faithfully translated the performance and allure of Grand Prix road racing in streetlegal form to a highway near you. It’s a thinly disguised, MotoGP-winning factory GP6 track machine, a true racer with lights, the ultimate street legal expression of the Italian firm’s sporting credo. It’s the Mona Lisa of motorcycles.

Still, imagine sneaking past the security guards at the Louvre in Paris, and drawing graffiti on the real Mona Lisa – a neat goatee beard, maybe, and a pair of glasses. That’s the sort of sacrilege of a two-wheeled work of art which some horrified purists reckon Roland Sands has accomplished in creating the Desmo Tracker – his transformation of one of those 1,500 MotoGP replicas into a high-barred hotrod, modelled on a US flat-tracker, complete with knobbies, and totally devoid of the Desmosedici RR’s curvaceous bodywork....more here: