Video - Cafe Racer (Season 3) Webisodes: Inside the Ducati Desmo : Video : Velocity Channel | Ductalk: What's Up In The World Of Ducati |

The Desmoprofessor Rich Lambrechts, takes us inside the office and workshop to talk about the Ducati Desmo motorcycle and reveal what makes the engine so great!  This is a webisode out take from the upcoming Season 3 Ducati kickoff shows.

Cafe Racer TV season 3 airs April 19 with two Ducati filled shows (it's the first full Ducati build CRTV has done) Includes a visit to the Ducati factory and the most famous Ducati workshop of all, the original NCR shop.  

Want to see the bike in person?  Come to Road Atlanta AMA Cafe Racer Village and meet Rich, Vicki and the whole Desmopro and team.